When talking about cufflinks, we usually picture a man with a tuxedo or a suit going to a fancy black-tie event. But are cufflinks strictly for men? Of course not!

  Although traditionally cufflinks were worn by men and were a staple in every man’s wardrobe during the 1700’s.

  Cufflinks have been worn by women since the 1920’s and have impacted the fashion world in a big way. People such as Coco Chanel wore masculine suits and cufflinks which made her stand out from the crowd.



  Women have been getting more and more power and today we see many women wearing cufflinks.

 Cufflinks for women is definitely an up and coming trend that is adding lots of style and flavor in women’s fashion.


  Women wear cufflinks most in the workplace or for special events. They look more impressive, powerful, independent and stylish.

  As the “king of cufflinks” Robert Tateossian and the brand are offering a big range of woman cufflinks such as  PAISLEY ICE – RT, PANORAMA – MIZUHIKI, CELTIC STONE – SILVER, SUN AND MOON – SILVER  etc.



март 29, 2021 — Tateossian London